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Concept Paper Of Mahamantra Spine Care Centre

Treatment Components

The treatment components tend to the three aspects of the human being: body, mind and soul, and are intertwined. You cannot heal one without healing the other.

  • Naturopathic Treatment
    The naturopathic treatment represents the core of the overall treatment of the patient. As identified in the small service package write-up (see Annex 1) treatment will have to be decided on a case to case basis. Nevertheless, to increase the benefit of the treatment and to provide a holistic approach to health the patients will generally be encouraged to participate in the other activities as well as expounded in detail below.
  • Yoga
    The general early morning Yoga sessions are designed for clientele with no specific needs. The sessions are geared towards introducing basic yoga postures, which develop flexibility and stamina. Basic breathing and relaxation techniques will develop peace of mind, which ultimately results in relaxation at a physical level as well. The sessions will finish with a meditation, which will help developing focus and establishing contact with the inner-self if practiced regularly.
    Therapeutic Yoga sessions will tend to the specific needs primarily of spinal and cancer patients. Overall it is aimed at providing the patients with some basic tools that they can apply later on at home, which will help them to keep physically fit, and in keeping a calm and peaceful mind while facing whatever difficulties and stress may arise during their daily lives.
  • Pilates
    Pilates is an ideal fitness training method for everybody, which builds up muscle strength, improves posture and is particularly effective in developing physical awareness. Pilates is also highly effective in the rehabilitation of any spinal and joint problems and improves coordination, focus and concentration. Ultimately it increases the overall energy level. The Pilates sessions are usually conducted over a period of 55 minutes and comprise mat work as well as the use of specialized equipment (Reformer, Cadillac and accessories).
  • Knowledge Sessions
    Especially cancer patients need a lot of support in coping with the situation. Many patients fall into depression and worry about their future, which is unsure in any case, especially for those in the poor prognostic category. Conventional treatment with chemotherapy and radiation provides in many cases a rather less encouraging outlook and patients don’t know how to face the struggle. Emotional support from the society is also rather limited, since people haven’t learned to face and talk about death openly. Death is perceived as a rather threatening subject and therefore avoided.

    Spiritual knowledge as expounded especially in the Hindu, Buddhist and Taoist scriptures provides a new understanding of life and death and is especially helpful in developing a positive attitude towards the disease. This helps the patient to embrace the disease as a chance for inner growth rather than to perceive it as a disaster and the end of his life. A positive attitude is essential in fighting the disease since it manifests in an increased energy level, and improved immunity.

    The knowledge sessions will encourage the patients to express their fears and feelings, and will provide new aspects and outlook towards the disease. It is aimed at developing a deeper understanding of life, disease and the connection between the mind and our perceptions of our circumstances, problems, etc.

    Each session will finish with a special meditation, which will help that the knowledge will sink into the subconscious level and can be integrated into daily life.
  • Processes for Releasing Underlying Emotional Issues
    Every emotion manifests as a sensation at the physical level. Especially negative emotions such as hatred, anger, resentment and frustration, which have been stored up over a long period of time are fixed in the cell memory, and lead in the long run to diseases such as cancer. To get to the root cause of the cancer is one of the ultimate requirements if complete healing is to be achieved. Only the release of the stored up emotions, which have led to the development of the disease, will prevent the recurrence of the disease, and ultimately will bring inner peace and happiness.

    Many processes are currently in use, which all apply the same principles:
    1. To observe the sensations and going deeper into it until reaching the final layer and discovering the underlying issue or experience for those specific emotions
    2. Expressing the feelings, thoughts and emotions towards the people involved in the key experience or traumatic event and coming to the point of forgiveness by developing an understanding of their motives for their behavior
    3. Releasing the emotions (inner cleansing) till the own true nature is unveiled, which is the inner “Self”, the source within ourselves
    4. Determining how to apply the newly gained realization in our daily lives, which encompasses also the dissolution of behavioral patterns
  • Creative Self Expression
    Many people have difficulties in expressing their feelings and emotions, and have lost the connection to their inner Self. Art as a medium can help to reestablish that critical connection and to find inner peace and harmony. Various forms of artistic expression will form part of the overall treatment.

    Creative Dancing
    The workshop will teach basic dancing movements, which encourage the participants to use his/her whole body for self expression. Generally dancing releases stress, thus bringing emotional and physical relaxation and finding deep inner joy.

    The workshop will teach basic acting techniques, which encourage the participants to express their feelings and emotions. The focus will be on identifying and acting out specific situations, in which the individual usually experiences stress, frustration or other disturbing emotions, and will encourage the participants to imagine new ways of reacting in such situations, thus encouraging the development of alternative behavioral patterns, which are more positive and constructive. The ultimate aim is to help develop self-confidence, self-awareness and trust in one self’s capability to change situations through different behaviour, to break old behavioural patterns and gain inner freedom to act and react out of self-confidence.

    In India the healing power of mantras is well known and commonly used. In the West the effect of sound waves is tried to be reproduced through specialised machines (frequency and magnetic field therapy (Frequenz- und Magnetfeldtherapien), hoping that these sound waves or vibrations can cure the human body. The holistic approach will start from the premise that everybody has a voice and can sing, and that everybody is capable of producing sounds which heal the body and mind. The workshop will introduce basic singing techniques in a playful manner, so that all participants will discover their ability to sing and will enjoy using their voice. Eventually the singing of devotional songs and mantra chanting will be introduced, which will have a soothing effect on the soul and will support the reestablishment of the connection with the inner Self, thus finding peace and joy within.
  • Reiki
    Reiki is a very simple ancient technique to channel divine healing energy into our body. Reiki helps strengthening the energy body, and harmonizes the functioning of the energy centers. Thus the overall system will be strengthened and the overall occurrence of disease diminished. Besides that does Reiki help in reducing side-effects in chemo therapy patients and supports the quick recovery.
    The initiation into the first degree Reiki will be offered to all patients who wish to learn it and a few sessions of practice together will encourage the patients to use it as much as possible with full confidence.

Summary and Conclusions

The holistic treatment of patients has to provide options, which support not only the physical healing but also the inner healing process. This especially since most diseases have their roots at a deeper layer of the consciousness, which can’t be touched upon through the pure naturopathic treatment alone. Yoga, meditation and breathing exercises are essential to strengthen and harmonise the body, mind and soul. Once mental peace is gained stress factors have less effect on the person and the likelihood of disease to appear is reduced.

Many people are not even aware that the occurrence of disease is often connected to deep inner unresolved issues. As long as those issues, which represent the basis for the disease, are not unveiled the disease will always recur. Therefore the release of emotional issues is essential. This process can later on be supported by bringing artistic self-expression into the life of the patient, which goes beyond the analytical capacities of the mind but reaches the soul itself without any judgmental limitations.

Lastly, healing power is all around available to us. We have to make best use of it in order to regain and maintain good health. Patients have the option to try out, to share experiences and to make best use of them in the future.
It is recommended that any of the 14 day packages should be offered on a course schedule basis, so that consistency and mutual progress within a group environment can be achieved.
Detailed schedules, etc. should be planned and decided with the management of the facility.

Annex 1

Service Packages

With regard to the service packages, we suggest the following:

  • Spinal problems
    This package targets particularly those patients suffering from cervical and /or lumbar disc prolaps , who have been advised to undergo surgery. The treatment would require a 14 day stay of the patient in the clinic. But I would also like to suggest treating outdoor patients, where the treatment then would be conducted over a period of four weeks with 2-3 treatments per week.
    The treatment will focus on :
    1. Cure
      1. After consultation with Dr. Sharma it will be decided what type of therapy is required. Accordingly the therapy package will be designed
      2. Spinal bone manipulation based on an ancient Indian technique (2-3 times a week)
      3. Mud therapy (daily)
      4. Chromotherapy (daily)
      5. Hydrotherapy (daily)
      6. Spinal plaster
      7. Acupuncture (as per diagnosis)
      8. Counselling on prevention
    2. Prevention/Rehabilitation
      This package targets those patients who have already been treated and cured from their spinal problems and who want to learn how to prevent the disease from reoccurring
      1. Consultation by naturopath
      2. Daily morning yoga with focus on strengthening the back and belly muscles and to increase the flexibility of the muscular system
      3. 3 times a week Pilates to improve posture
      4. Stress management including daily meditation and pranayam (breathing exercises)
      5. Counselling by naturopath/ Yoga instructor to prevent reoccurrance
  • Cancer patients rehabilitation
    This package targets both, patients who have already undergone chemotherapy and those who want to go the alternative route of treatment. Basically the objective of this package would be to support the healing process but also to empower the patient to cope with the changed circumstances. Patients will also be supported in dealing with life and death issues as they arise, and will be enabled to continue with self healing after the treatment at the clinic is finished.
    The treatment stretches over a duration of 14 days and comprises the following:
    1. Consultation with naturopath and determination of treatment schedule
    2. Detoxification
    3. Diet
    4. Reflexology
    5. Mud therapy
    6. Individualized Yoga and Pilates (both will focus on rehabilitation of defected limbs, e.g. in breast cancer patients to regain full movement of arm and prevention of lymphoedema, and general strengthening of the musculature)
    7. Meditation and Pranayama (with focus on establishing mental peace and to detach from the body and its suffering)
    8. Introduction into the philosophy of yoga as it pertains to the situation of cancer patients (supports the patient in coping with the changed life circumstances, and provides emotional and spiritual support in the healing process)
    9. Degree Reiki course to empower patients to continue with self healing at home
  • Asthmatic patients
    This package targets patients suffering from bronchial or allergic asthma. The therapy would require a stay of 14 days and would include
    1. Consultation with naturopath to decide treatmemt
    2. 14 day diet chart programme
    3. Herbal therapy
    4. Chromotherapy
    5. Daily yoga, pranayam and meditation
    6. Reiki
    7. Chakra healing
    8. Special spinal massage
  • Obesity patients
    This package can be offered as weekend package or for a whole week.
    1. Consultation with naturopath. Based on treatment schedule any of the following might apply:
    2. Diet Steambath
    3. Full body ayurvedic massage
    4. Enema
    5. Swimming
    6. Sleep therapy
    7. Mantra healing
    8. Yoga

Mahamantra Spine Care Centre Is A Place For

  • Holistic Spine Care.
  • Special spine care relief, cure and prevention program.
  • Rehabilitation Center for Spine, Quadriplegia & Paraplegic patients.
  • Special spine care education for school children.
  • Psychotherapy, Spiritual Counselling, Clinical Psychologist, Reiki Masters, Hypnotherapist, EFT, Reflexology, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Orthopaedic and Neurologist Doctors work together.
  • People who want to take an inner journey in self development.
  • Place of inner journey.
  • Death, dying and bereavement counselling for peaceful and successful departure for soul from physical body especially for cancer patients.
  • Silence sitting for meditators and nature lovers.
  • Special spine care relief, cure and prevention program.
  • Special spine care training for prevention of backache, for students and teachers.
  • Specially provides access, room and bathrooms for wheelchair individuals.

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