The physical health is a superficial phenomenon. It can happen through medicine, it can happen through science. But the innermost core of one´s being can be healed only through love. Those who know the secret of love know the greatest secret of life. Then there is no misery for them, no old age, no death. Of course the body will become old and the body will die, but love reveals to you the truth that you are not the body. You are pure consciousness, you have no birth, no death. And to live in that pure consciousness is to live in tune with life. Bliss is a by-product of living in tune with life.  


A curated itinerary is crafted post arrival consult. A minimum of 2-day stay is mandatory to avail of our wellness package. While some features of the package stay unchanged, there is a flexibility shift allowed between modes of treatment, therapy sessions and activities which can be altered at any time.

Pre-arrival recommendations


To warrant an stay we recommend a minimum stay of 2 nights (Friday evening-Sun Noon). A longer minimum stay may be advised and is discretionary.


Two guests can be accommodated per room. An extra bed on request can be made available.


Its mandatory to sign a disclaimer following wellness consults. Guest information is shared within Mahamantra team to customise the best itinerary, to address your needs and preferences, and for our internal improvement. Sensitive medical or personal information is shared only when necessary and within the wellness team. We respect your sentiments. Please brief us of any information you may wish to keep confidential; however, this may hamper our ability to provide or do justice to certain treatments or services rendered by us.

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