The physical health is a superficial phenomenon. It can happen through medicine, it can happen through science. But the innermost core of one´s being can be healed only through love. Those who know the secret of love know the greatest secret of life. Then there is no misery for them, no old age, no death. Of course the body will become old and the body will die, but love reveals to you the truth that you are not the body. You are pure consciousness, you have no birth, no death. And to live in that pure consciousness is to live in tune with life. Bliss is a by-product of living in tune with life.  

The Founder

Dr Shyam Sunder Sharma

Mahamantra Valley of Healing with Nature is founded and owned by Dr Shyam Sunder Sharma, a visionary and the face of this magnum project. Dr Shyam is an internationally acclaimed and experienced holistic healing Specialist in the field of spine-related issues. He has been in the field of holistic medicine for the last 20 years and is internationally renowned for his naturopathic, chiropractic, alternative healing, osteopathy and Reiki treatments. He specializes in using alternative methods of healing to prevent invasive surgery even in debilitating conditions like disc prolapsed, cervical-spine and lumbar disorders.

He is Head of the Department of Holistic Medicine at the super-specialty Hospital, Indian Spinal Injury Center (ISIC) and Sir Ganga Ram Hospital at New Delhi. Being a dedicated humanitarian first, his life-long cherished dream to expand and share his skills on a wider platform and aid larger number to live quality life, culminated in the birth of Mahamantra Valley of Healing with Nature.

He is a maestro of spine. Dr Shyam sees spine as a musical instrument in his hands, which he passionately plays around with, tunes it in, synchronizes the nerve centres and aligns the body beautifully, resulting in almost magical, soul-stirring sense of well-being for the patient. "When your spine is in tandem with your body, you are blissfully at peace with your mind and spirit".

He aspires to take Mahamantra Valley of Healing Nature to unparalleled heights with the support of his skilled team , new horizons with his unique offerings, events and workshops leading to a self-sustained hospital and township.

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