One of the most fundamental things to be remembered – not only by you but by everyone – is that whatever you come across in your inner journey, you are not it. "You are the one who is witnessing it. It may be nothingness, it may be blissfulness, it may be silence, but one thing has to be remembered: however beautiful and however enchanting an experience you come across, you are not it  

Spine Care Centre

Enter a world where the science of pain management is practiced as an art in holistic healing. Our dedicated team of highly qualified medical prac¬titioners will evaluate, prescribe and undertake to restore your natural good health. Mahamantra Spine Care Centre dedicatedly works towards rectifying patient’s mental, physical and emotional imbalances.

Our methods included minimum and non-invasive medical procedures to block pain-causing nerves, physiotherapy, psychotherapy and alternative therapies. Using a combination of these methods has helped thousands of patients walk home, after suffering months and years of debilitating pain.

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